Episode 3 – The New Norm

Rob 0:00
Hello, and welcome back to the third episodes of the RAD dads podcast. This is a podcast by dads for dads. We are going to cover the new norm. What is the new norm? I’m your host, Rob Schilt. Joined by my co host, Salvatore Minervini.

What’s up?

Rob 0:17
Alright, Sal, so what’s your take on the new norm?

Sal 0:20
Man? I’m not sure, man. It’s, it’s crazy. During COVID people were scared to go out rightfully so.

Rob 0:28
During COVID we’re still in the middle of this thing.

Sal 0:30
Yeah, that’s right. Wellwhen it all kicked off, my parents probably hadn’t gone out for I’m gonna say three months. Okay. Yeah, so, me, my brother, my sister. We pretty much did all the shopping for my parents. But that’s the new norm. It’s, it’s crazy. I told my parents not to go out. We did the food shopping. Now these narrow same people who said to stay in, are on the streets protesting and rioting. I just don’t get it. You know, they they want to find business owners because business owners want to open up again. So they can provide food for their family and a police We’re shutting them down. governors are shutting them down. But then you get protesters and rioters. And there has not been one news article of the thousands and thousands of people that have gathered to protest and Riot of a rise in COVID. But some politicians decided to have some rallies. And of course, it doesn’t fit their narrative. All of a sudden, there’s a there’s a rise in COVID. Because because of the rallies the thousands of people at the rallies,

I think it’s it’s more for for me from like the new norm. Right. So we’re forget the rides for its protest, we’re not going into the political piece of it. Because both of us are, you know, decently opinionated, I’m more interested in how this is gonna affect you know, parenthood and how fathers. Right. So one of the things we we had in the notes and the liner notes are one of the things we were going to talk about was, you know, how shoppings impacted and we did talk about in a past episode, I think it was Episode One is that we’ve done you know, delivery service, you did instacart, I believe I did curbside pickup at shop shop, right, or A&P, or whatever it is. But I think, you know, from an overall retail perspective and how shopping actually occurs, what do you think the new norm of retails is going to be.

I mean, as far as brick and mortar, a lot of brick and mortar stores are probably gonna close up shop is Amazon,

Amazon was having their lunch anyway. So I think it’s just a matter of time,

I think a lot more people are going to be ordering online there, this, this whole thing is changing the way corporations do business, they’re probably realizing that they can have their personnel work from home, get the same amount of production, and not have to lease an office space. You know, maybe I think there’s the service out there where if you need to host the meeting, there is office buildings that you can rent out for a day or something, you know, conference room,

I’m sure that’s gonna take effect, I’m sure you know, some of those companies where, where they’ll have those meeting rooms available for rent. I’m blanking on the name of the company that just went through that that whole debacle where the CEO left but that was their model is that you would they own the buildings and you renting from them. But it was more of a long term lease. But now there’s, especially in cities, there are corporations that kind of do that, that have meeting places that are open to the public that they can rent from, and if it’s really necessary, because what I’ve seen are these what I’ve experienced is meetings are as effective all being online as they are in person, right? actually probably more effective. You’re straight, you’re to the point there’s very little you know, there’s kind of the introductory at the beginning. But you it’s more to the point because a lot of people end up having a lot of meetings and you know, you’re in whatever anywhere between four to eight hour meetings a day, you know, varying between lengths of 30 minutes to an hour.

That’s if that’s if you have to meet in person now with this whole zoom video conferencing or Microsoft Teams, you can do everything virtual,

Rob 4:16
I don’t see the need to meet in person anymore. I’ll tell you my personal opinion from from like a retail perspective. I agree. It’s gonna be a lot more online. I think brick and mortars is it was already going out, I think a place like the American dream, which is located I think Secaucus. They’re Meadowlands and so they were more about the experience and less about the retail stores by introducing ice rink, ski slope, Nickelodeon, whatever amusement parks, that was their thing. And what it was looking like is what is going to be impactful on people who are going to go there. But right now I read an article the other day it was saying that they are defaulting on loans, they’re you know, not paying things. So who knows if they’ll reopen? But, you know, the early numbers, the early you know, based on the article, one article I read is there are numbers looked like it was going to be visited by families and be successful. But now, you know, we may never know they may open, but who knows who knows that they’re gonna default or if someone else is gonna have to take it over. I mean, that that place a big disaster since day one

Sal 5:21
People that are listening. If you never heard of the American Dream out in the Meadowlands, it has been, I want to say, seven plus years, eight plus years in the making. Went through two governorships. They promised everything under the sun and finally, where they get to the point where they think they’re going to open. I think the ski slope was Oh, actually open in the winter. I’m not mistaken ski

Rob 5:45
Ski slope, the ice rink and I think the Nickelodeon amusement park all opened, starting last year.

Sal 5:51
Yep. Because they wanted to charge like $30 to park and Yeah, that one, then they took that away. But I mean, it’s look it up. They they’ve had their their fair share of our hardships But it’s got the largest indoor waterpark,

I think, an early number tree, early numbers, were saying the American Dreams numbers at the beginning were actually higher than the Mall of America is based on what was going on. But then again, it’s located in probably one of the most highly populated areas. So I would expect the numbers to be favorable.

Oh, I mean, considering where it’s at. Yes. Getting back to the topic of the new norm. Do you want once they reinstate indoor dining, or they allow indoor dining or even now that they they’re allowing outdoor dining? Do you see you and your family going to eat?


Indoors or outdoors.

Rob 6:40
Now we’ve been supporting. So I come from, you know, a family who does own a restaurant. And you know, I’ve been very supportive of our local restaurants and obviously, supporting my brother owns restaurants. I was supporting him also. But for going out and eating and sitting, sitting down, probably not, especially not during the summer where it’s 90 degrees out. That’s not an experience that my family would enjoy. But at the same point, maybe in the fall, maybe if it dies down in the fall, I would do it. If the indoor dining opens, the governor finally says All right, you know, we can move forward, then yeah, I may do that. But I would do it later on. I wouldn’t do it. Now. I would, because I think there’s gonna be a mad rush of people. And I think at the same time, what we’re seeing, and I think it’s the southeast and southwest with the numbers peeking again. And I read something from Fauci yesterday is that this is not over by a longshot. And he’s saying we’ve two could be worse than wave one. I think the other thing we’re going to find out is if you had COVID, once, can you have it again. And I think that’s, I think for the next six months to 12 months, we’re, you know, it’s scary, because

Sal 6:42
I think we’re gonna be walking on eggshells. And to go back what you said that the second wave might be worse than the first wave. If you go back to the Spanish flu, 1918 1920 era or year, the first round of the Spanish Flu I think only killed two to two to 5 million people. The second wave of the Spanish flu, I believe, killed 20 to 50 million people.

So it’s gonna mutate I would be my expectation, it’s gonna mutate, it’s gonna get it’s gonna get stronger. I think until we get the vaccine, it’s going to be problems. It’s going to be problems for for all of us.

Speaking of the vaccine, are you gonna, you’re gonna vaccinate your kids?

Rob 8:22
We’re not anti vaxxers. That’s for sure. Will we vaccinate them? I don’t know

Sal 8:27
Is going to be mandatory isn’t going to be optional. I don’t do the flu shot. I don’t think flu shot.

Rob 8:32
Oh, I do.

Sal 8:34
I don’t believe in it. I mean, call me. I mean, my kids got their required vaccinations when they were born. But I just don’t believe in the flu shot. Because every year for the past five years, every time you know, flu season approaches, they start pushing, Hey, get your flu shot. And then, you know, weeks later, oh, the flu shot. You just had me not work because now there’s a different strain and it’s mutated and blah, blah, blah. So now you just injected your body with the virus hoping that it would would fight the flu. But, you know, yeah, there’s a new strain.

I don’t know the the COVID pieces of the vaccine, right? There’s even if it comes out, it may have passed human trials, but it’s a brand new drug. So do you let other people

that was going to be the guinea pigs?

Yeah, exactly. And they’re trying to rush this this drug through? And what’s the cost? Because I’ve heard the cost could be up to upwards of like, $1,000 a dose? Yeah, so and maybe that’s that skewed it don’t quote me on the number, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be expensive. And what’s gonna be the write off for insurances? what’s the what’s the cost to the end consumer? Is it gonna be five bucks? 10 bucks for us. The reason I get the flu shot is because I get for free pass cup. A couple companies I’ve worked for. They always do. I don’t know what they call it a health fair or something like that. And that ends up

My wife’s company does the same thing.

Rob 9:55
Yeah, so I just get it while I’m there. And you know, I know my kids are gonna come home with it at some And their bodies are probably better prepared for the flow. Whereas if I get to flow, it’s probably like five days down. And that’s, that’s that. So one of the other things that that I wanted to touch on is right. There’s a lot of people wearing masks. So I saw pictures today. So they opened up water parks amusement parks data is still there, no open indoor dining and in our state, which still blows my mind, but I see people in the water parks wearing masks. So I don’t know if you read the most recent thing from our town. But the town stated for our public pool is, if you’re in the water, don’t wear a mask, because it could increase Yeah, sure, it can increase the that possibility of drowning. So I blew my mind that you have people who are waiting online who are probably waiting a foot apart. Now they’re wearing masks to go on a waterslide, that’s going to end up in a big pool that if something happens, now they have a mask on their face, I could drown them.

Sal 10:53
Not even that It becomes a petri dish. No, thank you.

Yeah, we’re not we’re not is that’s exactly why that’s exactly why you know, you get a pool that is gonna be yours before it goes back to the regular norm. Right. And I think that’s what the new norm is, is even if we get a vaccine, what does that mean? So, you know, for years overseas, that, you know, in the Far East, they’ve been wearing masks, there’s plenty of people, I’ve seen them wearing a mask. What does that mean to you know, and I were both American were born born and raised in the US, do you foresee Americans wearing masks for for the years to come?

I think the elderly, given given this current period we’re in with COVID. I think the elderly should be I don’t want to say required, but encouraged to wear a mask if they’re going to be out in public, especially because it attacks the elderly who have underlying conditions. So I mean, I’ve seen people out and about even before covid wearing masks, I think it will be the new norm for the elderly I assure second I can encourage my parents to wear, you know, my father is not the healthiest. You know, anytime that they go food shopping, you know, the only time where you mask, sanitize your hands when you get to the car and you just got to be cautious.

One of the things we’ve done is, you know, always wear masks and I think in some places that I’ve been is they expect gloves to be worn too. So the amount of things you’ve touched the things that other people are touching and like kinda is what they’ve touched and the germs that are there. That actually makes as much sense as wearing the mask because once you touch something you end up touching your face, your mouth, your eyes, like kids would be the ones you would want to be wearing that because their hands are always in their mouth more than adults, I would say.

Yeah, but I think that’s as a kid growing up going to school. I think that’s what helps build their immune system disgusting as it sounds, they naturally put their hands in their mouth or touch their eyes or like their nose or think about it before this whole thing. Did you really think about if you were touching something in the grocery store, if the person before you touched it

No because I didn’t care? I wasn’t a germaphobe but but I think this sheds light on on germaphobes right? That germophobes maybe they were correct and sanitizing. I have a friend who I remember he would always bring hand sanitizer no matter where he went. And after we went somewhere we got back to our desk or you know, we went out he hand sanitizer all the time. That was his thing. He always hand sanitizer and now we have hand sanitizer in both cars. We carry it with us My wife has it in her purse, we have it in our in our house so and even when we were looking at houses, right so you know, we were looking at houses when we went to the house that there was hand sanitizer there there was booties there was gloves like

I just carry a gallon of bleach. Yeah, just I rinse my mouth

every I mean, you could bathe in that time and let me know that.

No, do not drink bleach, please. The whole mask thing is a bit aggravating because one week you hear Hey, you got to wear masks the next week. Oh, the masks aren’t doing anything. The following week. Yeah, everybody should be wearing masks or the only people that should be wearing masks are the ones that are affected. I just want clear guidance. rection This is what everybody should do. This is what everybody should be following. It’s just aggravating because every week it seems like every change. Yeah,

it changes. I think one of the things that that I believe is gonna actually come out of this and masker and become a fashion statement. So I think yes, while the 95 which I believe is the most effective mask or untold the most effective mask is the one you should be owning or the ones would that make you look like Bane is the one that you should probably own. But I think I was out golfing two weeks ago. One of the guys had a I think I know your name mask and I was like cool. Like, where’d you get that? I want to get a ga one. Right. So I went to Georgia, University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, just UGA. Go dogs. I thought that was cool. And then you think about it and you think about like some of these fashion companies who are getting killed right now. Like why wouldn’t they start making masks and selling them and because no one’s buying fashion right now. You know there’s retail got slammed, a lot of industries are getting slammed. And the reality is it doesn’t it doesn’t make sense to buy a four or $500 purse right now you’re buying what makes the most sense for your for your family.

You can buy a four or $500 facemask. Yeah,

exactly. Exactly. And I think people would spend it for that. So you know, as of right now, and maybe it has a time limit, maybe the product lifecycle for that is, you know, a year or two. But at the same point, I think people will do it. And does it continue, do people continue to do it because COVID just one think back, like we’ve had the bird flu, we’ve had the swine flu, swine flu, we’ve had a bunch of these, that have kind of not really impacted our, our way of life or where we live, but they have impacted other areas. And it’s just COVID is now impacting so many people. It’s, it’s unfortunate.

what’s crazy is, you know, the bird flu, the swine flu, the MERS, they were able to get a handle on that. I don’t want to say fairly quickly, but they knew where it came from, they knew how to treat it. Whereas this is to me, I think they’re still grasping at straws. They really don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Rob 16:12
Yeah, I think this is gonna be a very interesting roadmap. So I think one of the other things that we’re gonna see is obviously increased exercise, because most of us have been spending a ton of time outdoors. And I think talked, I think it was last episode where we were seeing increased bike riding, increased walking, increase your spending time outside, some kids are good, just spending time inside playing video games. I think if you have a pool, the kids are gonna spend a lot of time in the pool. My kids tell him outside, they come back and they’ll run through the sprinkler for a hot second. We go on walks, we went on a walk this afternoon, and it was hot. But still to get them out of the house, do something walk up and down the block. I think that’s gonna increase. But I think what’s going to increase of that are the socially distanced, acceptable exercises. So I had to think about how I would say that and what I mean by that is, you would go hiking with your kids small group of people who you’ve kind of allowed your family to interact with or you’ll go and play golf or you’ll go and for a walk or your play soccer, but you’ll play soccer with that small group of people. I don’t see basketball coming back. I just I just don’t see it. I’d be very surprised if organized sports come back in the fall.

Sal 17:25
And how does it come back. That’s what professional sports because my my daughter signed up for softball and they’re just starting now she’s had two practices and she’s got our first game this coming week. You’re not filling stadiums? No way.

No, definitely not. I think the stadium stadium experience has gone for this year. I think we made our talking about this. Yesterday and just talking about like the football he he went on telling me that he rather experience football from from his couch versus being in which I get, there’s something to be said about going to a football game doing the tailgate, it’s fun. But to actually watch the game. It’s just as fun to watch it from your couch with like a couple buddies or family versus being in very small seats, like all bundled up in the middle of winter, because where we live, stadiums aren’t enclosed, which they should be for the entire stadium.

I honestly the best part for me when going to a football game is tailgating. Yeah, that’s where I have the most fun barbecue drink. You’re not paying $12 a 14 ounce cup of beer. I think the most fun is tailgating.

Yeah. The other thing that I will say that we’ve kind of increased. We were never big family that did this, but like playing games. So there’s my wife bought a whole bunch of these different game card games that all have some academic component of it. So there’s a card game, I think, and I’ll find it out and I’ll put it in the liner notes. Sleeping queens, and

what about uno?

Rob 18:50
We play you know, if you don’t know what uno is know, is I mean, I think everybody uno what it is. But there’s definitely an increased increased activity of doing those type of things that help your family. Yeah, family game night you helps your kids get that even though you know if you have a nine year old he knows the math piece of uno he gets it. But the younger kids like the four or five six year olds need that and you know, it helps them do that. One thing that I’ve instituted since school has been out as my kids have to read journal, show it to me and make sure it’s grammatically correct and Spelling’s correct before they can play any video games or watch any TV. So that’s what they do in the morning.

Sal 19:26
I’ve instituted a just reading first thing in the morning after you, you know, wash your face brush teeth, make your bed, read before you do anything on TV can’t turn on your computer, but you read like the whole the journal and the journal is

Rob 19:39
The journal piece. You know from my perspective is the reading comprehension. Because that’s the piece that honestly as a kid I always had trouble with and I’m sure a lot of us did

Sal 19:48
Basically retelling the story but writing it down,

Rob 19:51
summarizing what they read. So now my son doesn’t give me a paragraph. He gives me a couple sentences in there. It’s like you know now he’s reading stink books. I have no idea some book for his age range but like, it’s like stink did this stink did that, like, it’s not fully comprehensive yet, but he gets the idea. Like the other day, I think I made him rewrite I really upset with me because when he recapped it, it wasn’t it was like, stinted this. And I forgot the other character’s name, but the other character, the way he wrote it was incorrect. So it was like the other character agreed to do something. And I was like, Well, why did they agree? What What happened? And he’s like, what stinks is going to stop pranking them. And I’m like, that’s not what you wrote. So getting him to rethink it. And those are the harder conversations because he’s like, Oh, I did it. Here it is. But what I want him to get out of it is fully, understand what he’s reading, and then be able to retell it. Because that is going to be a skill that’s obviously very important for for any child and throughout your, your life throughout your career.But do you believe that the remote working will continue?

Sal 21:00
Like I said before, I think corporations are going to realize that they they’re getting the maybe same production out of their employees working from home, as they were working in the office, I think it would be a cost benefit to corporations to not lease any office space. have their employees work from home, I think Twitter told their employees to work from home indefinitely,

Rob 21:22
yeah, I think a lot of the tech companies are pushing to work from home for at least the remaining part of the year. When I started my career, the company I worked for, they actually, I didn’t have an office. So I had I had a home office, but I never had to go to it. So it was just in case

Sal 21:39
You never went to your home office?

Rob 21:40
Never went to my home office,

Sal 21:42
Is that where you live.

Rob 21:43
So Oh, no, they assigned our for a very big corporation as doing consulting. And what they did is they would give you a home location that you could go to

Sal 21:54

Rob 21:54
So they would have temp desks, and you go there and use a desk, but you didn’t have a desk assigned to you. So you would first come first serve. Or you could work remotely. So it’s honestly well ahead of the times, but it’s something that consulting typically does is you don’t need to go in the office, because you’re on a client site. Most of the time, if you’re an active consultant, if you’re not in in the management perspective, which has more upward impact. So I think that type of model will probably be more effective, because to your point, companies are gonna be able to save money on leasing space. So I think a lot of these corporations who are renting out, buildings don’t need to do that anymore. There’s no need for it. There’s no need to go to these, these buildings and, and set it at a desk for a whole day when you know, I sit at a desk all day, you end up talking to people. And there’s a social and psychological piece to this that we’re not touching on which I am definitely not educated enough to speak to intelligently. But when you go into the office, you spend probably one to three hours. BS’ing, and not working. And I don’t know what the exact number is

Sal 22:05
water cooler talk.

Yeah, what are cooler talk

Coffee breaks,

Rob 22:22
Coffee breaks going from meeting to meeting, you don’t have that when you’re when you’re telecommuting, you hang up one meeting, you add into another now it’s brutal, because it’s non stop. But at the same point, the company’s getting more out of you by that you get a lot more done. I think some smaller companies probably would prefer people to be in the office just because if they’re in one office and not on like five floors, everyone’s in one spot. So you kind of know what’s going on, and that that’s more effective. But I think some of these larger Corporation will probably give back floors, because it’s easy, and then set up some sort of first come first serve model where you can go and sit and work in the office if you need to be there for any meeting. But it’s not. I don’t see the necessity of it. Unless you’re preparing for a big, you know, board meeting or something like that. That’s where I see it kind of ending up.

Sal 23:46
What do you think about the remote learning aspect for the kids? Do you think you think it’ll continue?

So did you get the email that came out the other day?


Rob 23:56
In our town, you have five options. So they’re asking your opinion, which I which I thought was great, right from from our school district, there are five different options. There’s one week on one week off when we can on site one week off, there’s every other day, there is half day, there is two days in three days remote. Here’s the thing. Remote learning, I think is brutal. It was brutal. For us, I kind of didn’t do a lot of it. My wife did a lot of it. But what I’m realizing is if this is the norm, if the norm is that kids are going to have to do remote learning. Even at the young age of kindergarten in first grade, one of my sons has a speech delay, so he gets special services to kind of help him pronunciate if you didn’t know that he had a speech that you may not know, but you would pick up some words that he doesn’t get. He doesn’t pronunciate correctly. He gets special services that actually help him do that. How do you do that through a computer and we did it he was able to do it. I don’t know how effective it is. And that’s why I’m making sure they’re reading through the summer. I want to see him read book after book. For the People who are going to listen, you know, me personally, you probably saw me post on Facebook, I was really proud he sent me a book beginning to end with missing one word. That doesn’t happen. And someone posted something on Facebook, from our group of friends who locally saying How can parents work and do remote learning? Something’s got to give

Sal 25:20
It’s funny, you say that, because the New York Post just wrote an article on it. And they said, It’s either or it’s either you have a job and your kid is in school, or your kid is home, and you’re doing remote learning with them. I didn’t see that email come through, it’s great that they’re given the option

Rob 25:34
Well they’re asking your opinion. So they’re asking pretty much taking a survey?

Sal 25:38
Yeah, they’re taking a survey of the most favorable one for the kids that need those special services, remote learning is difficult. I think kids that need the special services should be prioritized. And they should be on site learning, versus the other students who don’t need on site learning and don’t need that interaction. And don’t need the extra help. But I think it’s just gonna be it’s gonna be difficult, man. I don’t know.

I don’t know. I think I think one thing that is gonna come up is this is going to change how people work, how people live, what’s most important for you? Is it important for your kids to have you there and be on site and support them and make sure they can do what they need to do to be successful. And meanwhile, sacrificing something in your career. Do you have to be in an office all day long, I’m lucky enough that my wife works part time right now. And she takes the brunt of it. But I know other people who are who are suffering and having a hard time with it. And I think it’s a case by case basis. I also think new business ideas are gonna come out of this. There’s things that are gonna come out of that, besides just podcast, I think you’re doing two days on two or three days off, there’s probably gonna be some at home tutor that pop up. And maybe I’m giving away good ideas. I have no idea. I’m not a teacher. But I could definitely tell you that for me, like I saw my wife that was she’s not a teacher, right? There’s times she got frustrated because she had to be teacher, mom. Yeah, wife, or, you know, all of those things. And it’s, it’s frustrating, and it burns you out. And it’s, it’s a lot. But when we even were talking about it on the options that were given, we had different opinions. I was like, oh, if we do two days, on three days off, I may be able to adjust my schedule. So the days off that I can help you and give you a hand. And she’s like, Well, for me, it’d be half a day and a half a day makes more sense. So I get both kids out. The other thing is, how they can handle that with families that have multiple kids.


Rob 27:24
The multiple kids have to be on the same schedule, or it’s even worse, gave me a worse situation for everyone. So I think the new normal, just recapping, I think a lot of there’s a lot of unknowns, mask wearing I think it’s up in the air, I think it’s gonna be a fashion statement I work from home is a need. Like, I think if companies do not support work from home, I think they are going to be very hard pressed to have personnel stay with them.

Sal 27:48
Well, that’s the whole remote learning is going to continue.

Rob 27:52
Oh yeah

Sal 27:52
As companies, corporations are going to require their their personnel to return to the office. Plus they have kids at home. There. That’s mandatory remote learning, I think they’re gonna have a hard time getting these people back to work.

Rob 28:03
I agree.

Sal 28:04
You know, I hope that they would give their employers or employees the option, hey, is your kid going back to on site learning? Or is it still remote learning, if it’s remote learning, you can continue work to work from home. And once that, once they transition back to on site learning, then you can transition back to the office, I hope, I would hope that companies would there. because like you said, they’re just gonna lose a lot of a lot of personnel

Rob 28:27
From a dad’s perspective, you do what’s best for your family. And I think that’s, that may be the major theme of throughout all the podcast episodes we do. But in reality, as you’re gonna have to figure out what’s gonna work best for your family and assess your situation to really support your family

Sal 28:45
We can give you our opinions of what works for us, they may very well work for you as well. But this whole thing for everybody is a huge learning curve.

Rob 28:52

Sal 28:52
From home or remote learning. I know it was a learning curve for me.

Yeah, it’s definitely a new thing. So with that, that brings us to our dad. Lesson number three, which I believe is this one’s yours.

This one is mine. Pick and choose your battles not only with your kids, but with the missus Is it is it worth the headache of your screaming kids? You know if they want ice cream and you know they hadn’t had dinner yet? You know once in a while, okay, or is it worth the silence that you’ll get from the missus? Just pick and choose your battles.

Rob 29:32
That’s fair. I think you You definitely capture that but I know my wife has said this to me and a lot of occasions when dealing with our children is you can’t always battle them you have to give in sometimes, but at the same point pick and choose what you want to give in with. My kids are ridiculous. They can get into the pantry and find chips at any point in the day but they can’t get into the fridge and and pour milk into their cereal.

Sal 29:56
Of course not

Rob 29:57
So like it’s not it’s you Know you pick and choose your battles, but you also want to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your children at the same time and your wife.

Sal 30:05
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