Linking Instagram & Facebook

Are you having trouble linking your Instagram & Facebook page? The introduction of Acount Center & the business suite has complicated the linkage between the two social networking sites even though they are owned by the same company. This will not instruct you how to link the two application (that can be found here) but how to troubleshoot if you are having issues as I found the help documentation lacking

Troubleshoting Steps:

  1. Make sure you Instagram account is a business account
  2. Log out and log back into both applications
  3. Unlink and relink the applications
  4. Make sure to confirm the connection
  5. Make sure you are the admin of your facebook page

Now is facebook telling you that the two applications are linked but unable to post do not fret this happened to us?

You will need to access business suite, sometimes there will be a link on your facebook page but if there is not click on the inbox under manage page

Next go to More Tools (represented by the three lines) & then go to business settings

Add yourself as the admin on this page, it should result in your name where we have highlighted and circled

Add your page to the accounts

Last step, add your instagram account to the business settings

Hooray, Now your accounts should be linked and be able to post across both platforms!

Instructions from FB:

To read more trasnscripts go to

Or hear them us at

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